The Corkscrew Pops Open in Shady Acres

Reopened in a new location over the weekend, after a year or so of mellowing: wine bar and former Washington Ave nightlife pioneer The Corkscrew. That mysterious Heights location turns out to be in Shady Acres, in the former strip-center Washateria at 1308 W. 20th St., where there’s now this patio out front.

Photo: Candace Garcia

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  • Risky locale but they have a fighting chance. Bit different clientele than la bola loca next door

  • Was definitely hoping they’d end up closer around Heights Blvd, but they have a great business model and loyal following so I’m sure they’ll do well.

  • Given that W. 20th is dry to a point west of Durham, the wine bar couldn’t get a whole lot closer to Heights Blvd than it already is…without locating in the Kroger shopping center at 11th or north of 23rd in Sunset Heights. Even hip wine bars are banned.

  • I think this location will do well, especially with the Oak Forest area growing like it has. Bars along the bike trails tend to be more laid back.

  • @Dave
    I was referring to being a bit more central to the Heights neighborhood proper but you really made me curious exactly what the rule states. Because finding a drink in the dry Heights is not difficult at all. They call themselves a private club to get around this restriction, so is the ‘dry’ line really just a technicality or is there something more to it?

  • La Bola Loca closed a long time ago.

  • Given the success of hugely popular Cedar Creek just down the street…and the new Hubcap Grille opening about a block away on 19th…and Gatlin’s BBQ…and the new spot opening soon on 23rd…I’d say this part of town has a hungry (and thirsty!) population who will ensure that this new Corkscrew location does well. Welcome to the neighborhood – very happy to have you here!

  • YEAH!!!! I’m so happy they’re (re)opening … at last!

  • yeah, i was sad to see la bola loca go >:P something tells me, i don’t think the corkscrew will fill the void to la bola’s clientele.