The Cranes Come to Bunker Hill

What’s that looks-kinda-huge project going up on the southwest corner of I-10 and Bunker Hill Rd., just east of the Memorial City Mall? A reader writes in with some info, but wants to know more: “Anslow Bryant, the company responsible for the lotus-blossom-topped Memorial Hermann Tower, is handling the project. There’s a couple of cranes doing crane things and a temporary fence lining the spot already. In addition to spicing up that desolate parking lot, the project means the demise of the nearby Spec’s and the other four or so forgettable places that line that dilapidated strip center, too. Do y’all know anything? Tell me it’s something cool and not just an office building or a La Quinta.”


Sorry, can’t do that. Permit reports taken out by the construction firm indicate that 945 Bunker Hill will be . . . an office building. And lotus blossom?really?

That closing Spec’s and the Bunker Hill Plaza Shopping Center:

Got any more details to add? If you do, let us know!

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  • Lotus blossom my ass. It looks like a Transfomer’s dick.

  • The models at the sales office had 2 Fountains condo towers… and that’s not a lotus blossom… that is the Decepticon logo.

  • I was under the impression Cemex was going to build another tower nearby? Perhaps it is that?

  • I bet that they are putting up the new Nexen building.

  • Please tell me the Shipley’s is staying. Please.

  • I have on good authority that it’s going to be a park. With tons of trees and stuff. The cranes are needed due to the size of the trees. Should be awesome.

  • Since they are tearing down my local Spec’s, my hope is that the new office is Spec’s Tower. It should include a giant drunk rabbit on the roof (MetroNational likes weird things on the roof, right?) and a drive-through humidor.

  • Aw, man! Steve, come back when you have better news.

  • The big news is that there’s a sale at Spec’s. Or maybe that’s just me.

  • haha Robert Boyd –
    The whole bldg should be in the shape of the spectacled rabbit. With colored sections. And it should rotate.

  • Hopefully it turns out better than Anslow’s last project out there for Memorial Hermann – I think they could have even had leak issues this summer despite the drought!

  • At least it isn’t Sattefield Pontikes – they had a fatality on Sunday (yes on Labor Day weekend) at Spring Forest Middle School, apparently they were pushing to get the school done without enough supervision. Terrible tragedy, my prayers are with the victim

  • I overheard the manager at Spec’s speaking to someone about how the land owners want to put in a new retail strip center along Bunker Hill Rd, and that Spec’s hopes to have a place there. No one along that stretch of Bunker Hill between I-10 and Gaylord owns the land they’re on, from what I’ve heard, so Shipley’s is at risk as well.

    And, as a side note, rumor has it that the wacky building topper is supposed to resemble someone’s engagement ring.

  • If it’s based on somebody’s engagement ring, will somebody sue MetroNational for emotional anguish caused by seeing a monument to their marriage for miles?

    I can’t imagine a marriage started by a ring that looks remotely like that is in for good things.

  • It is indeed the Nexen Building. You can see the icons for the building (window decals) in the new sales office which is being built out on the first floor of the Fountains Apartment building. It is going to be a mirror image of the Cemex tower.

    It will have its own parking garage, but we are also being told it will have the skybridge over to the Fountains garage which is used by employees at the Cemex building.

  • I’ve always referred to the big blue faceted thing as the giant space pineapple.

  • Actually, the offices on top of the Memorial City /Hermann Hospital building,next door to the Westin Hotel-are really a secret government broadcasting tower sending out sub-audible mind control programs telling everyone to drive like A**holes and vote republican!!

  • That’s Nexen’s new HQ. Moving their entire workforce from DFW to Houston, as well as consolidating their Houston offices: