The Dunkin’ Donuts Conference Center Opening Soon in Humble

The next Dunkin’ Donuts in Houston will be in Humble. Though this newest one, to open next Tuesday at 18315 West Lake Houston Pkwy., will have the all-important drive-thru window, it will also include some room for those who need to stay a bit longer: The standalone in Orleans Square will have 2 conference rooms geared up with projection equipment, each of which could hold about 20 people, give or take.

Additionally, Prime Property reports that there will be one more Dunkin’ Donuts to open in the area before the end of the year and as many as 60 in the next 5 years.

Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • Is this a thing?
    Why would this be a thing?

  • Actually, this sounds sort of brilliant, as an experiment, at least.

  • How would you like to work at a company that holds conference meetings at Dunkin Donuts? Is it on a bus route to the Days Inn for the out of town guests?

  • meh…Shipley’s has better kolaches.

  • I don’t think it’s such a bad idea. Small groups and associations routinely need a place to meet. Some meet at churches or community centers, others use the rooms available at their local grocery stores. I know that HEB and Kroger sometimes have such spaces. This would give them privacy, and they could still have coffee and a donut if they wanted to do so. Will it be occupied all of the time? Doubtful. But it still could be a nice amenity for locals that have a need.