The End of a Washington Monument

Workers are dismantling the two half-built-and-holding townhomes at the corner of Jackson Hill and Washington Ave., says the reader who sends us these photos of the activity at the well-known and well-weathered properties. Demolition permits for 915 and 917 Jackson Hill showed up on Swamplot earlier this week. “No bulldozers or anything, looks like they’re disassembling them from the top down,” explains our tipster. Could this be the dawn of . . . a brand-new parking lot for Washington?


Only these 2 of the 6 townhouses in the complex — facing Lillian — were ever completed:

And 4102 Lillian Unit A is still for sale — for just $575,000!

Photos: Swamplot inbox

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  • Judging from the number and height of all the electrical, telephone, and cable wires around the propery, maybe they couldn’t get a crane in to knock it down in short order!

  • Now what is the poor worker going to do? I gather he managed to salvage a couple of the townhomes? He was an affable enough guy, waved as I rode by normally. Still want to raid patronella’s garden though.. :)

  • Great news! Those were some of the biggest eye sore’s I’ve ever seen.

    Even if they were finished out, I don’t see how they could sell in such a high profile location.

    I think I saw on HAIF that the other two finished units were going to be used as law offices and the demo’ed units will be parking for the patrons.

  • Asking over half a mil for 4102 Lillian!!! That is insane.

  • 4108 is for sale at $399,000 with a zillow estimate of $306.

    I would say that it is worth $300 max.

  • Who built these thangs? Waterhill?