The End of Buffalo Hardware; The Gargoyles of Dunlavy

tolerance sculpture allen parkway

Photo of Jaume Plensa’s “Tolerance” sculpture along Allen Pkwy.: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • It’s sad about Buffalo Hardware, but if anything happened to Southland Hardware (just up the road), I would be most despondent.

  • After all this time, I never knew Buffalo Hardware was a hardware store. I thought it was just a place you went for $50 drawer pulls. I hope that’s not why it closed!

  • Agree with Gisgo on Southland Hardware. The ONLY place in town to find bronze window screen.
    The old neighborhood hardware stores are going way of the drive-in theatres and corner markets that sold more than alcohol. Martini’s is still there since 1945 on Lawndale on the East End and Southland, Berings and…?

  • That’s a real shame about Buffalo Hardware closing down. I’d over stop in there to pick up small, hard-to-find items. I didn’t mind paying the premium price because I wanted to support the small business. Now I guess I’ll have to go down to Southland Hardware.

  • Cox Hardware on Wayside is still family owned and has been there about as long as Martini’s.

    Also, Golfcrest on Telephone has been around for years but it’s now gone True Value. Still an old school type store.