The Endangered Piney Woods Inside an Oak Forest Home

In Oak Forest, there’s a forest of knotty pine (top) and other hardwoods inside a 1953 home located east of Donna Bell Ln. north of W. 43rd St. But is it doomed? An “as-is” listing of the property posted Tuesday (price tag: $284,900) mentions all the remodeling and new construction going on throughout the midcentury neighborhood. Some original flourishes and finishes remain inside this pinewood derby of a home, though.


A few polished-by-time spindles, for example, fill in the space above a half-wall (above) separating the foyer from the living room — and there’s a once-handy phone stand in the middle of the hallway serving the bedroom wing (on the left wall, below):

In the timberland territory of the kitchen, cabinetry glowing from decades of rubdowns features turned trim and exposed H-hinges. The kitchen’s vintage stove (in the top photo) is excluded from the sale, the listing says.

Paneling works its way around a kitchen dining nook on the way to the adjacent (and similarly paneled) family room, located in an updated former breezeway between the house and attached 2-car garage. One set of jalousie windows faces the street:

Another set, near a window into the kitchen over its corner sink, faces the back yard. With window flaps up, any crossbreeze flows:

The 1,722-sq.-ft. home’s bedroom wing lines up 3 chambers. This master suite has a shower-only setup in its private bathroom, though it’s not shown in the listing photos:

The other bathroom has a classic cranberry and gray — and yellow — tile pairing:

There’s a brick-rimmed patio out back. This view of the home shows off one of the window units:

Lot shoppers (this one’s 9,000 sq. ft.) and ranch remodelers both are invited to view the property at a Saturday afternoon open house.

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  • Those stands, complete with a shelf for the phone book, are wonderfully anachronistic. If I ever have children, I’m going to enjoy telling them about what life was like before we all had cell phones and Google.

  • Not only does my house have one of those stands, but it also has a refurbished period phone that I installed in the stand a couple of years after we moved in. Came in handy when we were without power for several days after Ike.

  • This block of De Milo alone currently has 3 or 4 major renovations going, a few very recent sales that are not undergoing remodeling and a current for lease.

  • At Holman there are all sorts of things like that, including hide-away ironing boards, cabinets with door entry *in* the shower, vents in the bathroom/kitchen that go into a labyrinth of large vents that connect to all the units and exit the building.

  • Nothing a few truckloads of Murphy’s oil won’t solve…