The Extended Last Days of River Oaks Manor, Nest Cam Time-Lapse Edition

Neighbor-with-a-security-cam Bill Curry has now posted to YouTube 6 additional time-lapse videos covering days 2 through 8 of the demo of the Googie-style River Oaks Manor condo complex at 2325 Welch St. The structure went down at the end of last month across from his home just east of Revere St., in an unnamed neighborhood real close to River Oaks.

If you thrilled to the jumpy frames from Curry’s Nest camera chronicling the removal of a 26-unit, 2-story structure dating from 1950 (in favor of a 32-unit, 9-story structure dating from 2018) but wanted to see what more it took to remove the row of Welch St.-facing carports left standing in the first video, follow the rest of the sequence, beginning with Day 2 (above) and continuing with the third day (June 27th) below:


On Day 4, don’t miss the daring just-in-time carport escape at 1:09 in:

Day 5 introduces The Mudhole:

On day 6, they’re fixin’ the hole:

Day 7: The Great Paving Break-Up.

And lastly, day 8, from this past weekend: Lazin’ on a Sunday Afternoon.

Videos: Bill Curry

Clearing Out in River Oaks Adjacent

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