The Fall of the House of Quaid

Dennis Quaid’s Sophomore Year Yearbook PhotoFrom a story by Mauricio Guerrero in this week’s Village News:

The Bellaire home at 4616 Maple St. where Dennis and Randy Quaid grew up during the 1950s and 1960s will be torn down. The house was previously owned by Kathleen McQuill[an], who purchased the home in 1978 from the Quaids.

“I bought from Mrs. Quaid herself,” she said.

Nita Quaid was the realtor and owner of the house.

McQuillan lived in the house for three years, then let her mother-in-law, sister and various other friends rent and live in the former Quaid home. She said that after owning the house for the past 30 years, it was time to sell.

“It makes me sad, but progress is ongoing,” she said when she found out that the house would be torn down.

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Photo from Dennis Quaid’s Sophomore yearbook: Flickr user denquaidfan