The Folks Operating the New Marfreless Are a Bunch of Posers, Say the Folks Who Used To Run the Bar

Marfreless, 2006 Peden St., River Oaks Shopping Center, HoustonThe former operators of Marfreless — the oh-so-dark bar that hid behind the unmarked blue door under the stairs in back of the River Oaks Shopping Center for more than a decade until shutting down in the middle of last year — filed a lawsuit earlier this month against the group that later renovated the space and opened a bar of the same name inside it in January of this year. In essence, the suit claims that the bar’s current operators are imposters, and are using the Marfreless name in its former leased location — and claiming to have reopened it — without permission. “Marfreless was temporarily closed in March of 2013, when it transitioned to new ownership, the third in its distinguished lifetime,” reads the new Marfreless website, created by the bar’s current operators. But the lawsuit claims that isn’t true. “Despite these representations by Defendant,” reads a filing by Marfreless Ventures, LP, “no such ownership transition has ever taken place.”


According to the filing, Marfreless Ventures bought the bar from its original owners in 2002; it had been operating at the 2006 Peden St. spot since 1976. The petition claims Marfreless Ventures “intended . . . to reopen in a new location in the near future” after it vacated the 2006 Peden address. But it doesn’t state clearly whether the company still has plans to do so. The current operators of the bar they’re calling Marfreless at 2006 Peden St., identified in the lawsuit as Asylum Entertainment, LLC, have not yet submitted a response to the lawsuit, according to the County Clerk’s website.

Photo: Marfreless

The Lawsuit Behind the Bar

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  • Seems pretty open and shut, you bought the bar, not the name.

    Also I wonder if this is the same Asylum Entertainment that does cheap knockoffs of AAA movies, I doubt it is but it’s a really weird coincidence considering.

  • Can’t they kiss and make up?

  • Wait, so the 2nd owners, who were the first to ruin Marfreles 10 years ago, are suing the 3rd owners, who are merely the latest to ruin the name? Both groups should be sued by the original owners.