The Future of Midtown Art and Theater Productions Is Now Framed in Steel

Construction of Midtown Arts and Theater Center Houston, 3400 Main St., Midtown, Houston

Here’s a pic showing construction of the new midtown arts center, taken from the corner of Holman and Main St. last week. And the folks behind MATCH are happy to walk you through the steel-outlined spaces of the building-in-progress, designed by Lake Flato and Houston’s Studio Red: “The breezeway is on your left; the café is at your feet and the backstage corridor for Theatre A stretches into the distance on your right where you can see the plumbing stub outs for the laundry and the Theatre A dressing rooms. The high steel in the foreground at 12 o’clock is Theater A and the high steel off to the left at 10 o’clock is Theatre D. The dirt area to your left is the future home of the South building where the offices, gallery and rehearsal rooms will be.”

Construction of the facility at 3400 Main St. is expected to be complete by fall, with or without the last $2+ million of the $25 million budget the organization still needs to raise.

Photo: MATCH

MATCH Going Up

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  • Mid Main is going up…MATCH is going up….but Ric Campo and Midtown are twiddling their thumbs on the Superblock project.Is that project ever going to happen? Or do we have find Doc and get the Delorean and take a trip into the future to see when they actually start and complete it? Ahhhhh I can see it now….” On this day June 1, 2596 we open the newest edition to the Midtown neighborhood the Midtown Superblock !!! We would like to thank everyone for their patience it took us 592 yrs but we got it done!!” (Also by this time Ric Campo is a cyborg who lives on Alpha Centauri but he drops in on earth every now and then for appearances)

  • I have done a second vendor bid on the Superblock Garage so feel it’s still alive…