The Galleria Whole Foods Grows Up

Here’s another of the occasional photos a reader sends of the construction progress of the Whole Foods at the mixed-use BLVD Place just north of the Galleria. Thanks to the photos that span almost a year now, you can watch the development develop here at the intersection of San Felipe and Post Oak Blvd.: Witness the preliminary site work beginning last August to the installation of piers and rebar in October and the rising of the parking structure in February. So what else is new? That parking structure appears just about ready, and even more dirt has been moved around — where those cars are parked in the foreground — for the proposed Hanover apartment tower.

Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • The Hanover Tower is taking forever, they were suppose to be well on their way, but really haven’t done much of anything –this BLVD place is so slow to develop, all of the developers grand plans for this site–I miss the Pavilion–I always thought it had a cool 80’s Palm Beach shopping centre look–I really wanted the ram heads on the entrance gates–hmmm, wonder where the went

  • Actually I think there is some confusion, one of the Hanover towers is well on its way. Its already a few floors up. That plot of land in the picture is for another previously planned Hanover tower. It hasn’t been said if or when that tower will be built.

  • Actually, work on the Hanover Tower is already up to the 5th floor. It is going up south (i.e., to the right) of the temporary parking area in the foreground of the photo here. It’s easily identifiable by the large “Hanover” banner on the central core.

  • What is the most recent news on the ETA of this Whole Foods?