The Ginger Man Strolling into the Fourth Ward Junction on W. Gray

Update: Despite Swamplot’s earlier report, The Ginger Man’s Rice Village building is not up for lease, says a Braun Enterprises representative. The W. Gray location will be an expansion for The Ginger Man.

A flyer now being passed around by Braun Enterprises shows The Ginger Man’s 1,907-sq.-ft. house and outdoor furnishings in Rice Village up for lease ahead of its planned relocation expansion to a vacant Fourth Ward building. An entity connected to Braun bought the tap house at 5607 Morningside Dr. last December.

Renovations are now underway on a soon-to-be new location of The Ginger Man at the crossroads of W. Gray and Webster — in the building where the Junction Bar & Grill shuttered last year. When it opens, the expansion will be the 7th Ginger Man in Texas. 4 exist in and around Dallas and Fort Worth, and one is located in Austin. The chain also claims a more tenuous connection to a group of restaurants on the East Coast.

The photo below shows the Fourth Ward building with a new green paint job:


Before 2010, the drinking place at 160 W. Gray went by the name The Wet Spot.

A view from the parking lot on the east side of the building shows its upper-level deck in front of the Dolce Midtown apartments — now in its 48th month of construction:

An entity connected to Braun Enterprises bought The Ginger Man’s current tap house at 5607 Morningside Dr. in Rice Village last December.

Photos: Braun Enterprises (The Ginger Man); Swamplot inbox (former Junction Bar & Grill)

Village Bar Expansion

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  • This is a catastrophe. I’ve been a weekly regular since 1986. I will not be going to the new location.

  • Meh… the Ginger Man had a certain vibe to it because of the location, trees, outside patio and crowd that just cannot be reproduced. I wonder if the cat who sold hot dogs outside will relocate his cart? The new location is about 1/2 mile from where I currently live, but it does not excite me. I have to admit, it is a lot closer, I can walk to it, and the new digs are updated. The current Ginger Man really needed some attention/upgrades. Still, it is those quirks that give the Ginger Man the unique character. I really hope it does well, but anyway, RIP Ginger Man!

  • I will miss the old place. Nothing was better in my youth than listening to Trish and Darin and watching rats roam the power lines in the back beer garden.

  • This is just astounding. The Ginger Man is the heart & soul of the Rice Village area. What will it be when it’s up on W Gray? And is there a timeline for the move yet?

  • The Ginger Man is not leaving the Rice Village, and the West Gray location will be there 2nd location in Houston, and 8th in Texas.

  • Oh. Yay. Another bar on West Gray. We don’t have enough of those here.

  • It’s midtown? Were you expecting a Montessori?

  • Kind of sad to see them go. They were mostly good, other than the occasional hokey live music that cleared the bar whenever it started. I wonder what restaurant will take over the space? Oporto across the road has been going strong for almost 4 years.