The Gypsy Poet Kicks Off Core Church Reformation by Tacking Up Sign to Its Front Door

Spotted on the Instagram story for a not-yet-open venue calling itself The Gypsy Poet: TABC signage going up where it plans to move into Core Church Midtown‘s former home at 2404 Austin St. It’s the fifth liquor-purveying establishment planned for the block — bounded by McIlhenny, Austin, McGowen, and Caroline streets — in the past year-and-a-half, none of which are open yet. But which together have now succeeded in reserving almost all of the space there for themselves.

According to its pastor Jim Stern, Core Church had been negotiating to move into a smaller spot at the back 2404 when the landlord tabled that option and switched its current lease over to a month-to-month agreement. Shortly after, in mid-February, the church was given 60 days to hit the road. It left in mid-March. “I am wondering if we were ‘pushed’ out because of the bars,” Stern tells Swamplot.

Photos: The Gypsy Poet (sign); Core Church (Jim S.)

Change Comes Knocking

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  • Confessions are both given in churches and bars …. let’s just say a new denomination moved into the spot.

  • LOL @ city cynic
    I’ve never understood why bars are prohibited from operating within x feet of a church or school. Is the Holy Spirit an easily offended teetotaler? Will 4th graders skip recess to grab a quick martini?
    It’s bad enough that churches pay no taxes. Must they also prevent other revenue generating establishments from existing?
    In this example, the current laws have worked to the church’s disadvantage. No wonder the landlord found it expedient to refuse renewal of their lease. Their mere presence would be a poison pill that affected the entire block.

  • If I name myself Boat, does it make me a real boat?…. same goes to this Church…