The Heights Post Office Has Been Disappeared

Here’s the scene from Heights Blvd. this morning, where the former Heights Finance Station — that was the fancy name for the neighborhood’s main post office — lies in trucked-off ruins. The construction fence along the right side of the image lines 11th St. The view from Brie Kelman’s camera faces west, toward Yale St.; the former Citgo gas station now known as whiskey bar Eight Row Flint, on the opposite side of Yale, is visible just to the left of center in the distance (if you look closely).

Here’s a different view of the site from just a few days ago:


Developer MFT Interests plans to open its 2-story mixed-use development, called Heights Central Station, on this site by the fall of 2018.

Photos: Brie Kelman

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  • The missing hyphen between has and been made the article’s title fun to read.

  • Please use less awkward grammar such as “Heights Post Office Has BEEN Disappeared?” really?

  • Ummm, I am pretty sure the title is tongue and cheek nod to South American dictators of the 1970s and 80s who would “disappear” people who were opponents of the regime.

  • Yeah, grammar nazis – using the verb “to disappear” is a colloquial way of describing the quiet sweeping away of people by governments or spies. It’s appropriate here. Chill out and enjoy a relaxing weekend!