The Hobbled Dome Makes History

THE HOBBLED DOME MAKES HISTORY Interior of Houston AstrodomePsssssssst! Don’t tell anyone, but the Astrodome was quietly listed on the National Register of Historic Places earlier this month. That means some future use for the almost-50-year-old structure might qualify for a few federal and state tax breaks, and that permits for mining coal on the property now might be a little more difficult to obtain. Also, there’ll likely be some sort of plaque. [National Parks Service, via Anna Mod; more info; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Russell Hancock

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  • That plaque will look really nice in the middle of the parking lot that will eventually surround it.

  • I wonder if there are Federal monies attached to the property? That might place a lot of restrictions on what could be done to it.

  • “Also, there’ll likely be some sort of plaque.”

    Yep, right next to the rubble…..

  • Unfortunately, the NPS recognition doesn’t mean much in the long run.

  • (¬‿¬)

  • Now I know what the demolition of Penn Station must have sounded like.

    “Tear that old dump down!”

    “Ohhh, that plaque will look good amid a pile of rubble!”

    “God, who needs an old train station anyway?”

    “If it’s not viable now, it never will be.”

    “If you want to save it, buy it yourself! Otherwise, shut up!”

    [moronic laughter…]

  • So our ELECTED Harris County officials have a farce of an election ,spent MILLIONS of our TAX dollars on B.S. ” Keep the Dome” campaign ads ; said they’d RESPECT the voters wishes ; and now they show their spineless /wussy/ sneaky/two faced HYPOCRITICAL / weaselly TRUE colors and “quietly” try to pull an end run around a LEGALLY binding vote and attempt to get the Dome designated a National Historic Landmark. That designation is a waste of time!!! It WILL NOT prevent the eventual demolition of the Dome.ALL of Harris County Commissioners & Ed Emmett should be indicted for FRAUD & ABUSE of OFFICE. They’re totally out of control power mad MEGALOMANIACS… The MAJORITY of the voters DO NOT want the rotting ,irrelevant Astrodome saved for anything. It’s a money pit / time suck NEGATIVE asset. It will NOT pay for itself in any renovated form. Harris County Commissioners Court and it’s lame boss,Ed Emmett have NO vision except to turn it into an UNMARKETABLE “event /convention center” . The GRB isn’t utilized at 100% capacity and that’s after 25+ years of existence. Our brain dead ELECTED talking head so-called officials are laughable morons who have no valid ideas for the Dome. The Dome is DEAD. They NEED to move on . The majority of Houstonians have and we DON’T wait that MONEY PIT anymore.

  • Patrick you really should address your anger issues. Your ramblings and CAP-LOCK RAGE just makes you look unhinged.

  • I guess Patrick forgot to read the ballot, or his reading comprehension could use some practice. I don’t remember the part where it said a “NO” vote to funding was a “YES” to demolition.

  • I could never understand we we couldn’t convert a Houston landmark into something like the Pavillion in the Woodlands that many people just don’t want to drive to. Open some wall sections, create berms inside for seating. Add a row or two of fancy seats and there you have it. Or build the country’s largest Rainforest. :)

  • Where is CREOLE????!!!?

  • I attended the very first game played in this stadium. The Astros (or was it Colt 45s) played the New York Yankees. It was an exhibition game and not regular league play. Mickey Mantel hit a home run over center field and we all hoped they would set off the electric fireworks, but alas they did not.