The Hospital Formerly Known as Twelve Oaks Is Dead

River Oaks Physician Plaza, Houston

Looking to lease medical offices near the Southwest Freeway? Medical Properties Trust — which last year bought the former Twelve Oaks Hospital building just west of Greenway Plaza and the 6700 Bellaire building in Sharpstown from Hospital Partners of America and leased them both back to the River Oaks Hospital — may soon have a lot of space available! HPA announced yesterday that both of its River Oaks Hospital locations are closing.

Be sure to check out Medistar’s brand-new River Oaks Physician Plaza (above), designed by Kirksey — also part of HPA’s complex!

Photo of River Oaks Physician Plaza: River Oaks Hospital

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  • I have friend who has been fearing this for the past two years. The news before the official closing that the employees got was that they might get bought out and have some layoffs.

    Then the news of the complete closure happened.

    They have been turning away patients being about a week ago and making arrangement to move critical patients to other facilities.

  • Wow I was an employee there just 6 months ago and I knew this would happen right after they changed the name I told employees the hospital would not make it another year and I was right just so sorry to see all those good people without work and without even a notice but i’m sure the CEO new months before to the day the hospital would close but hey she can’t just tell anyone if she did do you think anyone would have come to work not me I would be taking PTO to find a job…………….

  • omg i was born there …. cant believe this. gotta tell my mom, by the way does anyone have the number

  • I need to find out how to get in touch w/Twelve Oaks HR department for employment verification for Social Security. ow do I do this?

  • I need to verify the payment made to this hospital in 2008, can anybody assist with who to talk to



  • I want to clear the the outstanding medical bill of 2006. I have tried many avenues to pay their outstanding bill without any success.
    Can anybody guide me how I can pay their outstanding delivery bill of my my daughter

  • I’m trying to find out just where an who have my Medical Rocords of my Open Heart Surgery I had there back in August 2002..