The House That Time and Architect Forgot

4815 Braesvalley Dr., Meyerland, Houston

This 4-bedroom, 2,800-plus-square-foot 1956 Modern home for sale on Braesvalley was designed by Houston architect Lars Bang.

Or was it? A few days after the home was featured as a Houston Mod “Mod of the Month” last October, Realtor Meg Zoller described her attempts to identify the designer in her blog:

A week or so ago we had Lars Bang come by the Braesvalley home in an attempt to authenticate the fact that he built it. Lars Bang must be in his 80’s or so. He had a friend of his drive him to see the home. He has a very outgoing personality and it was believed that he was excited about the possibility of it being one of his homes. My husband, Jim, helped him out of the car and invited him into the house, but Mr. Bang’s knees aren’t what they used to be . . .and he just wanted to stand out front and look at the house. After some time he decided that he could not confidently say whether the home was one of his designs or not.

The owner was so disappointed when she heard the news. She really wanted it to be one of his designs.

After the jump: the actual architect of this uh, memorable Meyerland home!


It may have failed the architect’s ID, but a later check of the actual plans held by the Meyerland Homeowner’s Association revealed that Mr. Bang’s name was indeed on the plans.

A few months, a price cut or two, and a change of listing agent later, the home is . . . still available! Current asking price: $425,000.

Entrance to 4815 Braesvalley Dr., Meyerland, Houston

Living Room of 4815 Braesvalley Dr., Meyerland, Houston

Dining Room of 4815 Braesvalley Dr., Meyerland, Houston

Breakfast Area, 4815 Braesvalley Dr., Meyerland, Houston

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