The Houston Press Sez Some Nice Things About Us

THE HOUSTON PRESS SEZ SOME NICE THINGS ABOUT US Swamplot makes a cameo appearance in a feature about Houston blogs published this week, subtitled “Ten Local Sites That Rock Our World,” by Cathy Matusow: “Swamplot has been lovingly tapping into Houston’s ridiculousness since 2007.Thanks — and thanks to all you tipsters who’ve been doing so much of the tapping! [Houston Press]

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  • Yeah Gus!

  • “Swamplot has been lovingly tapping into Houston’s ridiculousness since 2007.”

    Lovingly might apply to Gus. It definitely does not apply to me from time to time.

    Houston was founded by two brothers who pulled one of the biggest real estate cons in history by advertising Houston as a tropical paradise. They just left out the part about the 200% humidity and the mosquitoes and the flying cockroaches the size of prehistoric birds.

    And, well, the con continues.

  • Frustrated are we, Matt

  • I have a friend who moved to Houston the same year I did – 1980, from the same state – Wisconsin.

    His wife has hated Houston from the minute she arrived here. All she can do is talk about when they will retire and move back.

    That is no way to live.

  • What would we do without SWAMPLOT???

  • I just saw this Houston Press tonight. When I saw the cover story I said ‘Swamplot has to be in there!’…. excited to see Gus and Swamplot recognized…. congrats Gus!!! You deserve it.

  • Frustrated are we, Matt


    Not at all. Being a con artist was never high on my list.

  • You go, Gus!