The Kinds of Things You’d See in The Woodlands

The Woodlands Convention and Visitors Bureau has launched a new website that features 28 unique 360-degree virtual tours of various locations throughout the future township, produced by a local company. Showing up most often: The Woodlands Mall, with 5 separate panorama views, followed by the Waterway Marriott with 4 panoramas and Waterway Square and the Avia Hotel on Market Street with 3 each. Organization president Nick Wolba tells the Chronicle, “So many people in the Houston market think of The Woodlands as a place to live. We want them to know this is a great place to visit . . . It’s a very special place as a destination.”

Panorama: Epic Software

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  • A mall AND hotels? Who knew such treasures existed?

  • “Destination” or not, even this latest effort hasn’t convinced me to make the 35 mile drive from inside the loop to this suburban mecca just to hang out. If want to laze about in Whiteville, there are many other competing choices: Katy, Sugar Land, Cypress, Tomball, etc.

  • i’m pretty sure the woodlands has a bigger marketing budget than the whole of houston.

  • The Shell Houston Open is played across beltway 8 from the city dump in NE Houston, not in the Woodlands.

  • That’s right, the golf tourney left.
    Years ago, I was in Phoenix watching live televised coverage of The Houston Open and lo and behold! I could see from the blimp-camera my house, yard and red wheelbarrow left outside, mid-project.
    That was cool – long before Google satellite views.
    I no longer live there but these 360s somehow reminded me of its nickname: The Bubble; Twirling the views around makes me both happy and nauseous.

  • Thanks for catching our error on the Shell Houston Open — we’ve removed the reference. Our Humble apologies.

  • Maybe the NCAA basketball tournament should have been held in the Woodlands. That way visitors wouldn’t be milling around downtown Houston wondering what the hell there is to do here.