The Kroger on Airline Dr. Is Closing in 5 Weeks

6749 Airline Dr., Northline, Houston, 77076

6749 Airline Dr., Northline, Houston, 77076The Kroger Market at the not-quite-intersection of Airline Dr., Parker Rd., and Fulton St. in Northline is shutting down next month, an employee at the store tells Swamplot this afternoon (confirming a rumor from a reader in the vicinity). The store’s last day is planned for April 20th, after which it will cede the area to its nearest grocer competitors: the Food Town just over half a mile up Airline, at the intersection with Little York Rd.; the other Food Town a little over a mile further west down Little York; and the not-quite-an-H-E-B Joe V’s Smart Shop on N. Shepherd Dr., just across I-45.

Behind its cube-on-a-spindle signage, the store sits at the northern end of a classic array of strip mall companions (capped to the south by South Texas Dental, whose space and streetside signpost once belonged to a Blockbuster Video); standing alone at the southeast corner of the center sits El Muelle Seafood & Oysters, housed in a former Taco Bell.

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  • Holy cow, Combat Kroger is closing?! this is truly the end of an era.

  • With Kroger shutting down, The North Side will start to become a food desert-with no better stores to shop out there. There’s still a Walmart down the road at Northline, and there’s still a Fiesta over on Airline-close to The North Freeway. Wished there’s an ALDI on the North Side, and I hope there will be by the end of the year.

  • I thought “Combat Kroger” referred to the one on Polk and Cullen east of downtown and north of the University of Houston. Or are all Krogers in sketchy parts of town “Combat” Krogers?

  • nothing wrong with that krogers. If anybody thinks so then something is wrong with them. Unless you can tell what’s been going on there that every time I go I don’t witness and feel anything’s changed to the environment. Also, the Food Town is west on little york, not east.

  • Argh! Thanks, C — flipped it in the text.

  • No such thing as a “food desert”. Dumb, made up term.

    Drive, ride a bike, walk, take a bus, ride the rail, take a cab, hail an Uber to the nearest grocery store and quit playing the eternal victim.

    How do you think people used to get their groceries when there weren’t a grocery store every mile? GEEZ

  • @WHAAAA-Let’s get the facts straight:

  • Tired of getting robbed I guess….I remember when this store was new. Supposedly, Aldine Jail Route is closing too. You know it’s bad when Food City can keep a store open right across the street & Kroger’s can’t.

  • ^rants about facts, cites wikipedia. welcome to idiocracy.

  • @ WHAAA, @ turning_basin:

    USDA = US Dept. of Agriculture. Take it up with them if the term “food desert” offends your sensibilities.

  • I just shopped there last night, on 3/19/2017. That this Kroger’s location is closing???
    Harsh news to believe! They are always busy there!
    Love to go to this Kroger”s, after work. I always thought at this location, on Airline Dr., it would turn into the bigger Kroger’s! This news saddens me!

  • I guess this is why Corporate has ignored my complaints for years! This store is absolutely terrible (even though I shop there weekly). The employees don’t care and there is NEVER a basket in the store. (I am not being dramatic, this is a fact). The floor looked to have never been mopped. There would be a liquid trail coming to and from the dairy section and no one cleaned it up. RAMPANT shoplifting at this store too. I am going to miss it’s convenience since it is just blocks from my house (and it has items I can’t find at Food Town or Fiesta).

  • It’s a made up term for the entitled. Sorry if that offends YOUR sensibilities. I call them lazy zones.

  • I couldn’t care less about your personal terminology or who you think is entitled. Instead, it’s when you make an assertion that is contrary to fact that offends me. You made one about food deserts, and I corrected you. End of story.

  • Also the Kroger #315 store on Fry Rd. and and Park Row, West Houston right off of i10, closed down on March 28th, 2017, due to low business. Open since 1995.

  • I’m surprised Kroger on Veterans Memorial by Bammel N. Houston is still open. Not the most appealing store but unlike other non-signature Kroger locations, the staff and management are great and very friendly. There are two Food Towns down the street and another not far away on 1960. Never been in one but glad someone is filling in where the majors opt out.

  • There is no respect on north side anymore .. alot of stores are closing and or out of business all because theft and attitude from customer to employees. This is what happens when you don’t respect your community.

  • It still isn’t telling us why they are closing

  • It will in no way be a “food desert”. There are at least 8 major grocery stores within a ten minute drive from that Kroger including FoodTown which is seeing distance from the parking lot and a much larger grocery store. But this Kroger will be missed.

  • I am not sure how long this store has been open at this location, but I started shopping here faithfully when my parents moved into the area in 1983. The parking is bad, there are few carts available in the store, and there are usually stray dogs hanging around at the entrance. Somehow, I looked past all this and remained a loyal shopper all these years because this is where my parents preferred to go. Both of my parents are gone now, and I am saddened because this closing marks the end of another chapter in life. Who knew I would be so emotionally attached to a grocery store. Most likely, I will start shopping at the Fiesta.

  • Anyone know or is there even an idea of what they’re going to do with the building? I miss my local Kroger : ( Seems like Kroger is pulling all stores from low income neighborhoods… I know Food Town and Joe V’s took a lot of customers, but I’m sure some customers especially elderly are missing this location.