The Last Part of Town & Country V Comes Down with a Twist

The final portion of the 6-story former Town & Country V office building at 908 Town & Country Blvd., including its elevator shaft, came down in an awkward curtsy yesterday, leaving workers in the lower floors of the neighboring 15-story CityCentre Five with nothing left to block their views of the Katy Fwy. Demolitions of the adjacent Town & Country III and Town & Country IV office buildings preceded it.

The unobstructed freeway view won’t last forever: Developer Midway is planning 2 new office buildings — as well as a residential highrise — for the cleared site.

Video: Swamplot inbox

Last Fall at I-10 and Beltway 8

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  • Where is Town and Country? Why is this relevant to Houston?

  • Adam, it’s probably relevant because of the large contribution this area makes in property taxes to the Houston area and the substantial business and sales taxes generated in T & C businesses and offices.

  • Adam, are you being intentionally dense, or are you trying to point out that T&C is now called City Centre, or what? T&C Way is within the city limits of Houston, near the intersection of Beltway 8 — excuse me, the West Sam Houston Tollway — and I-10 Katy Fwy. Just in case Google Maps doesn’t work today or something.