The Last Words of Fly High Little Bunny

Fly High Little Bunny, 3120 S. Shepherd Dr., Upper Kirby, Houston

From the Swamplot reader known as Googlemaster comes this parting photo of jewelry store Fly High Little Bunny at 3120 S. Shepherd Dr., featuring — in the view from Sul Ross St. — a new mural. The building stands in the way of a new drive-thru building meant to add heft and balance to a new CVS Pharmacy going in at the corner of Shepherd and West Alabama St. Sunday was the last day of business at the shop.

Photo: Googlemaster

Resistance Is Futile

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  • Dang, Googlemaster beat me to it! I just saw it at lunch today and stopped to take a photo. I’ll miss their witty signs and that metal bunny-monster on the roof.

  • Again…Montrose is sooo over…

  • Now there is a chain-link fence around the Jamail/Fly High property, and the entire wall facing with “Please don’t kill me” has been removed. Which one of you has it?