The Latest in a Distinguished Line of Fine Restaurants Forged from a Westheimer Wendy’s Drive-Thru Is Almost Ready To Open

Has any former Wendy’s drive-thru — or really, any fast-food joint anywhere — ever had such an illustrious culinary afterlife as the one that once stood at 2300 Westheimer, halfway between Kirby and Shepherd? The standalone burger stand never left us — it just went upscale, time and time again: To Torcello’s. To Armando’s. To Dish. To Two Chefs Bistro. To Beso. To Palazzo’s Trattoria. To 60 Degrees Mastercrafted. (Did we miss any?) To the Harwood Grill.

Then there was the time last year when it was supposed to go Berryhill. But that was not to be.

Instead, this extremely mutable property is now on its way to becoming a champagne-themed restaurant called a’Bouzy (pronounced as you’d expect).


The first a’Bouzy signage went up yesterday, reports a reader, who also notes that the new restaurant won’t have a door facing Dickey Pl., as its predecessor did:

More views:

In back, a few paint samples foretell the color scheme of the completed renovation:

The brick will be painted too.

Photos: Ari Gonzalez

Cheers to A’Bouzy

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  • As a 1987 graduate of Lamar High School and a resident of the surrounding neighborhood since graduating from college in 1991, it’s sad to say I’ve had more good meals at that Wendy’s than all of its successors combined.


  • I’ve lived within a half mile of this place for 25 years and eat at Berryhill’s probably at least twice a month, and I have to confess that not only have I never eaten at any of those restaurants that have occupied that space, I don’t even recognize any of their names.

  • @Bernard, I have said the same thing every time they try an make this location into another trendy place…

  • Snakebit.

    Always has been, always will be.

  • yep, snakebit. Until it’s not, and that’s how all restaurant guys think. It was only snakebit until my awesome restaurant fixed that right up. In their defense, all believe in the Houston legend of Carrabba’s on Voss. It was a ton of places before finally finding the right group.

  • Thank you Swamplot for taking an interest in a’Bouzy. We are trying to bring this location that we believe in so much to the neighborhood that deserves much more than the past has brought. I understand all the skepticism from the comments that have been brought to our attention. I would love to meet each and every person and give them a personal tour of the buildout we have worked so hard on. The end goal is to employ hard working and deserving skilled service individuals a chance to make a great living for their families, while bringing a great value and fun upscale environment to the neighborhood we reside in. If you would like to discuss we would love to hear from you directly at