The Latest Markdown from Lazybrook

A reader declares that this home “has got to be the largest original home in Lazybrook/Timbergrove.” And:

This is the highest quality of wood paneling I’ve seen in a home in Timbergrove/Lazybrook, and I’ve never seen the wood beams. Too bad the house is so disorganized inside, I’d love to see it fully furnished and cleaned up. An nice little step back into time.

How far back? This 5-bedroom home — on almost half an acre in the upper left armpit of the 610 Loop — was built in 1968.


The home measures 3,921 sq. ft., but is all of that original? It’s been the market for 2 months. Asking $499,900, marked down just last week from about $50K more.

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  • Wow, I think I hear bad porn music playing in the background.

  • Hmm. there’s potential here.

  • What a great house — and a relative bargain. Surely this one will go to an appreciative buyer. With another $50-$75K for era-appropriate upgrades and some era-appropriate furniture, it could be a showplace.

  • “Retains its original charm” would be the realtor’s description. Definitely occupied by the original owners, who furnished it in 1968 and made few if any updates. Even the computer desk is circa 1990. GREAT home however. Timbergrove is full of these hidden gems.

  • I’m with Carol. A Mid-Century enthusiast could make this place shine.

  • Hate to be debbie downer…but residents complain of freeway noise……

  • The HCAD square footage is about 10% lower than the what the listing claims so I would be interested in why there is such a large discrepancy.

    They may have done an addition that HCAD is not aware of.

  • This would be a pretty large remodel. The entire layout is just wrong, and the fireplaces are dreadful. I think teardrop pools were banned due to ugliness in 1998. This place has zero character. I definitely hear porn music coming from that little pool house.

  • Oh, come on haters. HARVEST GOLD COUNTERS in the laundry room – how retro can you get?