The Latest Version of the Galleria Whole Foods Market

That’s 3-and-a-half levels of parking artfully hidden behind the extended forehead of the new Galleria Whole Foods Market in this latest rendering being waved by the developers of Blvd Place. Also obfuscated: your view of that little mustache of strip-mall-valet-style parking in front, behind those hedges facing Post Oak. But most Whole Foods shoppers will be parking in a separate 300-car underground garage, and will feed into the store on a moving sidewalk. The parking levels above are meant to serve an additional 140,000 sq. ft. of retail, restaurants, and office space Wulfe and Co. is hoping to fill in this portion of its scaled-down redevelopment project. But so far no leases have been signed, reports the Chronicle‘s Nancy Sarnoff.

This Whole Foods has now been marked back up to 48,500 sq. ft. — about 25 percent larger than the chain’s Kirby location, but down from the 78,000 sq. ft. originally announced 4 years ago. The latest construction start date: next summer.

Rendering: Wulfe & Co.

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  • Glad to see something moving forward on that side. It will clean up the street front and position the development for easier expansion in the future.

  • It’s still a huge bummer that it’s not going to be a 78,000 sq ft copy of the Austin HQ.

    I personally hate shopping for groceries at WF, but love their prepared foods for lunch and dinner.

    When I worked in Austin I frequented the HQ location for the huge variety of lunch options, but standard WF’s locations just aren’t the same.

  • Glad I don’t work in the area anymore – being that close to Seeduction bread and the dark chocolate lace cookies would be dangerous.

  • That area of town is becoming ridiculously over-crowded. I noticed that some new traffic lights are going up very near the proposed store, which I’m sure will not be well-timed and will only serve to make Post Oak even more congested. Add in the future rail line, and voila, 24-7 gridlock.

  • I can’t believe we can’t support a store the size of the Austin HQ. That store’s a destination for me whenever I’m in Austin. Just close the Kirby store and that underperforming Woodway location- they’re too small as it is- and drive traffic there.

    /ending slight sarcasm

  • Can i please have Eatzi’s back in the meantime? That empty lot used to have excellent sandwiches, and Rice epicurean should be looking for a new location on the quick..

  • I would not be surprised to see a much less enthusiastic design emerge if something does get built. I don’t know the site off the top of my head, but underground parking is very expensive.

  • d,

    It’s not underground. It’s on top or in back.

  • I’m horrified by this over-priced grocery takeover of the West Loop. This will mean 5 Whole Foods locations within a diameter of 5 miles. I am sure a Stop Whole Foods facebook page will be forthcoming shortly ….

  • No, it’s underground, too. Hence the bold font reading “300-car underground garage” complete with moving sidewalk.


    Agree with Matt, I hate shopping there, but I love their prepared foods.

  • I’m with John – I’m in walking distance of the Kirby store but would gladly drive to a larger Whole Foods. I think the one on Waugh will be bigger. Parking at the Kirby store is horrible and the store is WAY too small. Always bumping into people. Just close it.