The Latest Wilshire Village Stakeout

So many different sets of tiny signs on the former site of the Wilshire Village apartments have mysteriously appeared and disappeared over the last few years, it’s become hard to keep track. This week, the color is: blue! A reader notes the appearance earlier this week of survey crews on the corner of Dunlavy and West Alabama — the site now slated for a new Montrose H-E-B Market — along with a bunch of new stakes with blue streamers around the perimeter trees. “Also some trees either being trimmed or cut by a tree company,” reports the Montrose Magnolia watcher. Candace Garcia, our on-the-ground (or in this case, pretty darn close to the ground) photographer, has these exciting photos from the scene taken late Wednesday:


Photos: Candace Garcia

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  • Can we get some renderings already? Or are they to be unveiled at that meeting on the 30th?
    If the back of the building is supposed to be up against W Alabama, I’m curious as to how people going home from downtown are supposed to actually get to the store since you can’t turn left on Dunlavy at that time. Think ahead and go down Richmond? Cut through neighorhoods or the Fiesta parking lot? Maybe stop by Randall’s instead?

  • @OkieEric…no, disregard no left turn sign and turn left.

  • OkieEric, that’s what you get with out of town architects

  • TXDoT (or the city?) was spose to change W.Alabama back to the way it was before all that spur construction a few years back. Remember? They made a big promise and everything…

    You know, get rid of the goofy reverse flow lanes and all that. What happen?

  • Is that a really bad “RUG” that HEB boss McClelland is wearing in the TV commercials? Is his rug designed by
    an engineering firm? McClelland’s RUG scares me.