The Loneliest Midrise Apartment Complex in Houston

The Heights at Park Row Apartments, Central Park, Energy Corridor, Houston

And now, a new 5-story apartment complex that’s outstanding in its field. Which is directly across I-10 from BP headquarters, and just south of the Addicks Reservoir. The reader who sent in this photo (showing the building at 13710 Park Row Dr. right in the center of the image) dubs it “Houston’s loneliest apartment complex.” But not for long — right?


It’s in the middle of . . . greenery, and convenient to the freeway. And the 342-unit rental compound from Atlanta’s Worthing Companies has a kinda familiar name: The Heights at Park Row. It’s scheduled to open in a little more than a week.

Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • Probably surrounded my drug dealers hiding out in those trees. They should put some more surface level parking.

  • probably not that bad of a location though. good access to reservoir trails, freeway/hwy 6 frontage roads, and a short walk to the park and ride (not that anyone here would be going downtown).

  • ^ lol this guy

  • Wow, people just want to be urban so bad, haha.

  • Name now and forever cringeworthy. But the location will begin to pay off when M.D. Anderson’s new facility fills in the parcel next to the apartments, and if the rest of that nutty “Livable Center” concept actually gets built over the freeway.

  • It’s soon to be joined by the 4 story high school Cy Fair ISD will be buildlng on the Grand Parkway at FM 529.