The Lonely Scene at the Tree Tops at Post Oak Apartments Just Inside the West Loop

The Tree Tops at Post Oak apartment complex on Briar Hollow Pl. has been abandoned since August, “with many windows and doors open as well as no maintenance to the yards,” writes a reader. Also noted: survey markers, like the one stuck between the fence and the curb in the photo included. First floor units at the complex sit below street level, and had water “up to the ceilings,” during Harvey.

From the corner of Briar Hollow and Post Oak Park Dr., you can see wooden scaffolding fronting the lower-level units, behind the fence — and the overgrowth — that separates them from the street:


The parking lot at the center of the complex remains deserted . . .

with its entry about halfway down Briar Hollow gated off:

The leasing office also appears closed for business:

Here’s what its entrance looked like before the storm . . .

along with a few of its neighboring units:

Photos: Swamplox inbox (current); Tree Tops at River Oaks (before Harvey)

Out of Order

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  • I loved this complex, I dated a guy who lived there years ago. It was so cool. I’m sure it will be bulldozed. All the cool apartments we all lived in in the 90’s are going, going, gone. I’m all for progress, but Houston has zero respect for its history. Westcreek, Bayou, Tree Tops. The only one left is The Creole. These old garden complexes were so lush and respectful of their surroundings and built to scale. Houston just gets uglier by the hour.

  • Oh. The memories I have of this place. Met a hottie & we got busy one night. And this being a small world ,my husband used to live there back in the day. Killer location…..

  • Bet the property will be redeveloped. And it will have a poured concrete podium in its next incarnation.

  • @happygolucky. TMI………….