The Longest Car Wash in the World, Just Off the Katy Freeway

It’s official: the 255-ft.-long drive-thru car wash at Buc-ee’s’s new Katy location off I-10 at Cane Island Pkwy. now qualifies as the longest in the world, according to Guinness World Records. Traversing the tunnel takes cars about 5 minutes, during which time in-wash light effects entertain. Don’t have a dirty car of your own in Katy? There are videos.


Not in the record books: the more than 120 gas pumps and the 56,000-sq.-ft. store, fully stocked with Beaver Nuggets, also at 27700 Katy Fwy. An onsite backup generator is wired up to the building and the car wash.

Videos: marshw13 (top); Scott Machala (bottom). Photo: Buc-ee’s

Buc-ee’s World Record

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  • Suburbanites are such such size queens.

  • now katy finally has something to brag about.

  • Another Buc-Ee’s coverage gap filled. Heading west on I-10 it was always weird that you had to drive all the way to Luling or Bastrop (both about 150 miles away) before you hit a Buc-Ee’s, whereas there’s one within 100 miles of Houston on I-10 eastbound, US290, and both directions on I-45. Now they just need one on US59 headed into East Texas.

  • this seems like a perfect date night.

  • Buccees tried to enforce a case to allow it to turn it’s employees into indentured servants and lost. It took a lot of suffering and stress for the former employee to win her freedom from buccees. Google Buccees Slavery. This is so messed up, their business practices are grotesque.

  • Yes I’ve worked for buccees, great pay but terrible work environment! They basically have clocked in slaves, just doesn’t appear that way to the highly satisfied customers.

  • How did you get out of buccees’ retention pay?

  • The Katy Buccees is like the Central Market of gas stations.