The Lowest-Price Mod in Houston Just Needs a Little Work

“For the price of a mid-priced Lexus,” notes a reader, “you too can have your very own possibly William Floyd designed MCM in Robindell, Swamplot’s 2009 Most Under Appreciated Neighborhood.” That would be this 3-bedroom, 1-bath, but . . . uh, high-mileage foreclosure on the corner of Bob White and Grape St., which just came onto the market earlier this week. Really, did William Floyd design this place? “It seems like a reasonable guess,” says our informant, who notes the 1960 house “only kinda looks like a 1/4 scale model of McNamara Elementary School around the corner.” Sure, all those modern buildings look alike:


Well, maybe after they get fixed up a bit.

The MSRP for this project: $53,000. Measures 1,380 sq. ft., on a 8,364-sq.-ft. lot.

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  • I don’t think they are doing tear downs in that neighborhood.

  • Well as to good bones, as you realtors say, it has that one.

  • It’s fabulous. I hope a modern enthusiast buys it and restores it.

  • I have to agree about the good bones. It would be a great little bungalow for a couple. Also looks like every elementary school built for boomer kids in Houston. Looks very sad indeed.

  • What a sh@tbox.

  • Could be a cool little house. Fencing in all the living/dining glass would make a nice outdoor courtyard and block views of the street – plus blur the line between inside and out, making the rooms seem larger. But…is it an optical illusion or is the roof sagging?

  • What do yall think about the location of this house ? The neighborhood in general ?

  • Has anyone seen the interior of this home? The photos make it look like it is loaded with black mold.

  • Talk about rock meet hard place.
    You have flat roof above and flood plain below.
    So sad– what a cool space it could be….

  • Not a great neighborhood at all, sad to say. I live in Sharpstown and wouldn’t want to live in that part of it. Sorry!

  • I live in Robindell and have to disagree with Elizabeth. We bought here about 5 years ago. Lots of modest mods. It’s a great neighborhood with an active civic club and friendly neighbors and most take pride in home ownership. The houses on the streets closest to Braeswood tend to be the better stock. The houses closer to Beechnut not so much.

    My wife and I peeked through the windows of this particular house and it’s in bad shape. Hopefully the right person will restore this house.

    Bob White is a long street that runs through many neighborhoods. Further south on Bob White by Airport is Dangerville.

  • This looks like a great project for someone! I haven’t been over there but my guess is $75K in repairs unless you do it yourself. It’s probably going to need everything. New foundation, new roof, new bathrooms, probably new air-co, likely even new windows, restoration of the flooring, on and on. But it would be much more fun and interesting to restore this house than to buy it renovated by someone else who will probably just mess it up. I see it’s option pending, so we’ll see what happens.