The Modigliani: Gated, and Very Close to the Med Center

The Modigliani, Townhouses on South MacGregor Way, Houston

Nancy Sarnoff reports that construction is about to begin on a new gated 52-townhouse development on South MacGregor, east of 288. The developer, Joseph Casimir of Cypresswood Capital, reports on the project’s website that the development

bears three distinctive yet integrated architectural flavors: Florentine, Venetian, and Romanesque, affording you a lifestyle of unparalleled comfort and understated sophistication.

The townhouse development is called The Modigliani, after an Italian artist who spent most of his adult life in Paris, and who died of TB at the age of 35, aggravated by persistent alcoholism and drug abuse.

The 4.3-acre site at 3028 S. MacGregor Way is next door to the University of Texas Harris County Psychiatric Center and across the street from Brays Bayou. Casimir bought it in 2006 for $4.6 million, then demolished the 1936 Wright Morrow estate on the property. The previous owner, the UT Health Science Center at Houston, had intended to build a mental health outpatient facility on the site, but put it up for sale after encountering vocal opposition from neighborhood residents and State Rep. Al Edwards.

Below: Elevations and a site plan!


Elevation of The Modigliani, Townhouses on South MacGregor Way, Houston

Site Plan, The Modigliani, Townhouses on South MacGregor Way, Houston

Prices begin at $650K (says Sarnoff; the Modigliani website says the townhouses are “valued from $599,000 to more than $1 million”).

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  • No pool? Ewwwwwww.

  • “…who died of TB at the age of 35, aggravated by persistent alcoholism and drug abuse.”

    I’m just glad I’m not the only one who thinks that Amadeo Modigliani is a strange namesake for an apartment complex. Have they even seen his paintings, I wonder?

  • The first buildings are being constructed now. I wonder if gay and straight(but not narrow) residents will refer to their community as “the Mo?”

  • Who needs a pool when the bayou is right there?

  • is this the same casimir who developed the tremont tower and hydepark crescent neighborhood.

  • You guys crack me up. I’m just wondering if this is the same Modigliani that the 80’s “club” group Book of Love titled thier “Modigliani (Lost in your Eyes) song after (from thier MCMLXXXVI album)? If so, I finally have an idea about it after 23 years. If so, I think Casimir should market to the gay professional crowd (of which I am). Whenever I hear that album I think back fondly to my clubbing days. I’d consider buying if I had $600,000.00, wanted to live in that part of town, and didn’t despise gated townhome comunities.

    P. Shea

    BTW, can anyone tell me how to find a photo of the Pasadena State bank that Lisa Gray wrote about in Sunday’s (1/18) paper?

  • I don’t think this thing is going to see 52 units anytime soon. Construction has slowed to a crawl, only 4 units are under construction right now.

  • I bet those neighbors will be much happier with an unfinished, foreclosed development.

  • I have a source that Ikon Development is the developer of the MO. Aren’t they the ones who have done the crazy “white label” town homes in the west end?

  • MikeRG, you’re right. An empty, unfinished complex sure beats a 4-5 story medical complex that in turn routes hundreds of extra cars through the neighborhood.

  • The condos are actually very nice.

  • They couldn’t sell $650,000 to $1,000,000 townhomes here. The price is now $200’s to $300’s not bad considering older homes in Riverside next to it are now selling over $300,000 as is!