The Most and Least Affordable Sun Belt Cities; The Smart Cities Movement, As Defined By Streetlights


Photo of Dean’s at 316 Main St.: thranth via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Having seen and toured hundreds of Texas Mansions, I will play a little guessing game as to the owner prior to trying to look it up. Extremely gaudy, yet not traditional gaudy = very new money. Lots of dark purples, especially in the bedroom, lots of black colors, lots of shiny surfaces = African American. Sales price way above what’s reasonable in the market, means someone though this was an investment and listened to unqualified financial advisers = Ball Player of some sort. I’ve heard that Houston and Dallas players do on occasion buy Austin mansions, but I can’t guess which one.

  • Or a modern era Liberace…. But he was….. you know…

  • Texas Mansion: Why no pics of the helicopter hangar? I am always surprised that on listings like this there aren’t any pictures of the garages, either. If you are looking to buy a place like this, you probably have some high-end cars and would want to show them off to your buddies. So why not have a nice fisheye picture of the garage with a Shelby Daytona Coupe inside?

  • @commonsense – Nope, it’s apparently a top exec for the guys who produce My Little Pony

  • The president of Hasbro Studios owns it, Stephen J Davis; he graduated from UT.

  • OrangBodoh: My guess is whoever might be in the market to buy it will tour the place and view the garage and hanger.

    I’ve always said that photos for listings are overrated.