The Most Congested Road in Texas; Fire Takes Out Charlie’s BBQ in North Harris County

Photo of Hobby Family Pavilion: BOldbury via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • If the building don’t hit….. You must acquit.

  • Re: West Loop congestion

    Caused by multiple problems, including the way the roads are all pinched off at Buffalo Bayou. From Kirby/Shepherd going westward, the next bayou crossing is 610. From there, the next crossing is Chimney Rock. That’s almost 5 miles in the urban core with only 3 crossing points. Most of the other bayous are much more frequently spanned in the same distance.

  • Uh, how ’bout ” a bunch of stupid birds didn’t go around a building”. Even birds fall into today’s victim culture.

  • Loop 610 isn’t so congested that it stops the motorcycles at night. 20 minute club, I think they’re informally called.

  • @Gisgo…20 minute club, I think they’re informally called.
    Ha. Nice “Blackadder’ reference.

  • Re: 395 birds killed by “Menace 2 Society” American National Insurance building
    The Darwin award for dumb birds goes….to dumb birds.

  • Re 610: “this just in — Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.”

  • Re 610 “express” Lanes: “So, that will give folks a bypass, to bypass the Galleria area,” said Perez.

    How’d that work out for Austin? Plus, the entrances to said express Lanes will experience the same fun that happens at the spur 527/59 split guaranteed…