Two Houston Zip Codes Rank Among Country’s Most Gentrified; An Affordable Rental Shortage

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  • There are A LOT of apartments off the Beltway in this area. When does this get over saturated? There is more of a need for a grocery store in the Fall Creek area (Not the stab-n-go Wal-Mart)

  • Regarding the Urban Edge article on gentrification, 77003 hasn’t “gentrified” in the traditional sense. The existing population isn’t necessarily getting displaced at a rate you’d normally associate with gentrification.
    Large scale new construction of town houses in place of commercial properties has brought a wave of college educated, professional DINKs and young families, which has skewed the values of the parameters that were measured (median income and education level).
    I don’t have the data in front of me, but I would imagine there was a significant increase in total population in the 77003 ZIP code that corresponded with these other changes, as the high density developments in EaDo and the edge of Second Ward have mostly replaced warehouses.

  • “As the Buffalo Bayou Partnership turns its attention to the east, research suggests communities along the waterway are at risk for further gentrification.”
    Conditions hit and are still at prime ripeness in 77003 and along the Buffalo for a tax-bracket takeover. I would posit that much more happiness is created by “gentrification” than sadness, but it’s still almost universally portrayed as a sociological disaster with mass victims. I will miss the chaotic streetscapes over there though.

  • Re: Allen Harrison Picks Up Land Near Generation Park, IAH for New Apartments
    Meh, Allen Harrison is just ok. I don’t see any smoking regulations on their website for their “luxury” apartments. As a non-smoker, this is a deal breaker. Moving into your brand new “luxury” apartment, only to have your neighbor flick cigarettes into your parking space and front door. Apartments should always be no smoking. It’s unfair to the non-smokers. We all don’t smoke, but we all have to deal with their litter!

    Y’all need to use ashtrays. Stay classy though.

  • Re: Federal Appeals Court’s Ruling Upholds Most of Texas’ ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Law
    Of course! This is Texas. We protect white Christians. Tired of our state leadership! There is more to human life than white Christians.

  • The half of Leah Binkovitz’s brain that wrote the article about the affordable rental shortage needs to talk to the half of her brain that wrote the article about the gentrifying ZIP codes. The halves might find some correlation.

  • Just a prediction . . . once Frank Lui begins his new neighborhood development just south of I-10, and Midway finally breaks ground on the on the old KBR site, 77020 is next for gentrification, followed quickly by 77026.

  • Dana-X actually, you could say that gentrification is a perfect example of a “utility monster” in action

  • HEB- you sure like to break society down into categories. I don’t think about color, religion or whatever nearly as much as you. I’m not sure you’re any more helpful than than our leadership. Of course, virtue signaling earns you air play. The rest of us raise families, work, have fun and simply enjoy life.

  • is use of the term “virtue signaling” to put someone down just another example of virtue signaling? …oh wait i just did it to you now.

  • There was no local interest in venture-financed tech until it became a prestigious white supremacy thing after the great recession. Maybe it’s best to let go of the dream of an ‘innovation economy.’