The Most Updated House in West U

Must be tough out there for a little old 1940 cottage in a rough-and-tumble teardown town like West University Place. And so we have this elective-surgery survivor, which showed up on the MLS just yesterday. The listing mentions a 2002 Kitchen update, a roof dating from 2007, and new bathrooms in 2009. HCAD lists a renovation in 2001. Would never have guessed you had work done, really! You look fabulous!

Okay, we’ll show you a few pics of the inside. But really, you’ve already seen the best photo.


Four bedrooms! Would you have guessed that? All in a surprisingly modest 2,276 sq. ft. Listed for $649,000.

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  • I looked at the listing and it says “Garage in present condition*.” What does that mean?

  • It looks nice, but it isn’t worth anywhere near $649K to me.

  • Garage in present condition means that it’s probably the original garage and is being sold “as is”. A new garage with new slab could run you $15 – $30K.

  • BrewWench is probably right. It’s probably a detached garage in the back that’s mostly likely used for storage if anything at all.

  • Figure $500k for the dirt, another $75k for the house itself, subtract $20k to replace the falling down garage.

    Yes, it is overpriced.

  • She was a cute little cottage, then she grew up and got all this work done. Now she has no personality.

  • Look at that outside photo.

    Looks like the proverbial “St. Bernard humping a chihuahua”, don’t you think?!?!

  • Does this mean that the house is not in it’s present condition … because that would be a neat space/time continuum trick.

  • Funny how many points in the RE listing are per Seller.
    Mr. Per Seller clearly loved this place.
    It is very livable.
    @bozo, I agree it’s overpriced. Now, could you please go familiarize yourself with some less retarded “proverbs?”

  • The kitchen is nice. Unfortunately it doesn’t go with the rest of the house. But it is one of the better locations in West U. For those to whom location, location, location is all.