The Mullet Manages To Pay Rent

THE MULLET MANAGES TO PAY RENT The graffiti training ground known as The Mullet spent much of this week pleading on Facebook for donations to help cover $2,000 in rent and avoid a lock out of the repainted warehouse at 10902 Kingspoint Rd. between Fuqua and Almeda Genoa Rd., reports the Houston Chronicle‘s Francisca Ortega, but it appears that the spraypainting will be able to go on a little while longer: “After making the plea they received about $800 from about 10 different donors. A benefactor then agreed to cover the rest. . . . With the next 30 days of rent covered, [co-curator Justin] Hinojosa said they are looking forward to next month and raising money to help cover the final facility structural improvements.” [Houston Chronicle] Photo: Candace Garcia

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  • “The graffiti training ground”
    I thought that was the bridges over 59….

  • If they have money to buy spray paint well they have no need to beg….. The idea graffiti is art or intelligent urban expression is insulting. these kids are the products of life suckers like Goshen Properties… of the lovely small business type of crap Montrose had shoved in to lots where large homes once sat….22 slum size units older than the duck sauce their cousins serve….violated deeds, city fire codes, city code changes over the years, parking codes…..but that’s OK because it is a free country, it is OK to provide poor housing for working class types since they are too stupid to go to College for that degree from a University located on the freeway like University of Phoenix…..if you wonder why hate erupts towards a group or anything….well don’t play victim immigrant from China or rich asian family or rich well educated white or anything when all you do is collect rent on slums you picked up from a bank sale or more likely an illegal transfer of property due to the lack of an heir or will…….Probate once covered this, lawyers once provided services like estate planning so no one took advantage of the system…..My family has watched, we are from here…..never afraid to work, play by simple rules, be respectful of all and wait for all of you to wake up and realize, you fooled no one, our government is here waiting for you guys too to just play nice and get out of industries you never understood…..