The Multicolored Poop Bags of the Heights Hike and Bike Trail

THE MULTICOLORED POOP BAGS OF THE HEIGHTS HIKE AND BIKE TRAIL Alas — or should that be phew!? — no photos accompanied this brief report sent to Swamplot’s tip line: “Not sure if this qualifies for publication but I am not sure where else to turn to give this attention. Unfortunately I don’t jog with my camera so no photo yet but hope to submit one at some point. There are dog walkers that go through all the effort to bag their dogs’ poop only to toss it on the Houston Heights hike and bike trail. On any given day there are nice colorful bags of poop along the trail especially on the stretch from I-10 up to Nicholson. Pink, yellow, brown, black, and even turquoise bags preserving dog poop for all to enjoy. I am a bit perplexed at this practice of poop art.” [Swamplot inbox]

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  • Nobody wants to see poop art!

  • hmm. have noticed the same thing….is there more than one “receptacle” for tossing the bundles? I only know of one north of 11th…maybe there needs to be a few more trash containers along the path? (i know, does not excuse anyone from just DROPPIN’ yer BAG where you stand!)

  • There is a pretty big problem with it on the new section south of I-10 as well as where it crosses under I-45 past White Oak Park and into downtown. Part of it is that there are no garbage cans through this section of the trails. I have talked to a representative for city councilor Ed Gonzalez about it but the trails have been open for months and there are no garbage cans. Not saying that dog walkers shouldn’t carry it with them anyway but I think there would be less trash all around if people had a place to put it.

  • The problem is that if you put garbage cans out, then you have to have staff to pick up the trash. That costs money.

    It’ll be easier and more lucrative if you just have someone patrol the park and write tickets for people who drop it on the ground in the bag.

  • Maybe I’m missing something, but why put it in a bag, then throw the bag on the ground? Why not just skip a step and leave the shit where it falls?

  • Look around… who uses a trash can in Houston?

  • Tacotruck; I use this trail daily and most of the dog people have taken your advice. I see almost no people scooping. The grafitti is getting worse, too, on the warehouses between Yale and Shepherd. Still better than taking a chance on walking the path along Heights Blvd, though. The east/west drivers seem to believe all those stop signs are maybe, sort of, just a glimmering suggestion to stop.

  • why not have designated pooping grounds along the trails and get rid of the useless trash altogether?

    just treat your dogs like people and kids, kick them along and make them hold it until the can reach a “pooping grounds”. only those that can’t reach the grounds should have to bag it.

  • Throw it away or leave the dog home.

  • @ markd, and @ sugarpie, you are exactly right, nobody throws away their trash in Houston and the grafitti is everywhere. Drives me crazy all the trash laying around. Even landing at IAH, the first thing you see is trash blown all over the place.

  • If the city is responsible for the maintenance of the trail, contact 311. Request a trash can or a sign (don’t know if there is a sign about littering fines) or both. It’s likely that although lots of people notice and dislike it, no one has taken a few minutes out of their day to report it.

  • Joel, you clearly do not have a dog.

  • What a podunk article – there is litter all over this city and the streets of the dirty nasty old Heights, and you fools think this is worth publishing?

  • Did you morons ever consider bums are digging the trash and the colored bags look like they have something good in them?

  • Just think pretty soon these fine citizens will be able to buy bags by the truck load from a new Walmart.

  • I would ask that dog owners who bag their poo and then litter to try other means of disposal. Eating shit, for example.

  • My partner and I use those bags up by 22nd Streeet and Nicholson. They are easy to just carry home and dispose of properly. It would be nice if there were containers available for people on long walks to use, but we could make up a laundry list of items to add to the hike and bike. There is a bond proposal involving parks, Prop B. Maybe we could look into what Prop B might provide in the way of capital projects. Like lighting! But, the bottom is, while it’s awesome to buy the bags and pick up the wasted your dog generates. Too bad that some people think that is simply enough. Please, if you see anyone tossing a bag to the side of the trail, give them an encouraging word for me! Namaste.