The Neighborhood You Would Never Guess

Interior of 701 A—– St., Houston

So you think this week’s Neighborhood Guessing Game is tough? Sure it is. But it’s not impossible.

You want to see impossible? Try guessing the neighborhood of the home shown in these photos. This is a home we decided not to use for this week’s contest . . . for, uh, reasons that should become clear when you read all the way to the end of this post.

But don’t do that just yet!

Look at the photos of the interior below, after the jump . . . but stop scrolling before you get all the way to the bottom, so you can spend a minute or so testing yourself, to see if you’re the kind of Houston real-estate savant who really could figure out this home’s location, just by viewing images of the inside.

Swamplot readers are very sharp . . . but this has got to be impossible. Without seeing the pictures of the exterior (added at the very end), there’s no way you’d ever be able to identify the correct neighborhood. Well, okay — you might just get lucky. But there’s no way to figure it out, really.

Office Area, 701 A—– St., Houston

Ready to see more interior photos?


Here they are:

Living Room, 701 A—– St., Houston

Dining Area and Kitchen, 701 A—– St., Houston

Kitchen, 701 A—– St., Houston

Master Bedroom, 701 A—– St., Houston

Bathroom, 701 A—– St., Houston

Bedroom at 701 A—– St., Houston

Laundry Room, 701 A—– St., Houston

Okay, now: Stop scrolling down here. And pause a little. And make your best guess: What neighborhood could this — townhouse? new construction? — be in?

One last interior photo, but that’s it:

Bath at 701 A—– St., Houston

Last chance for guessing! When you give up, keep scrolling below:

And the answer is . . . Well, first have a look at the property from outside:

Corner View of 701 Archer St., Brookesmith, Houston

701 Archer St., Brookesmith, Houston

Deck at 701 Archer St., Brookesmith, Houston

And smile as we tell you that this place is in Brookesmith. A 2-bedroom, 2-bath, 928-square-foot home at 701 Archer St., built in 1920. Available for $234,900 (reduced from $249,000; first listed in late February). And it’s been, uh . . . redone.

This week’s contest can’t be that hard, can it?

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  • Hey, I knew 1920’s but I never would have guessed the neighborhood. My personal guess would have been midtown. That is a nice looking redo! I don’t know much about the market up in “Brookesmith” (can we call it “not-the-heights?” but it seems like a stretch to get $250/sq. ft. in that little corner of the northside.

  • Wow. That really would have been a stumper for the ages. I would have guessed The Heights — maybe — but never that far out. What an amazing job they did! It’s a beautiful little place.

  • …but, if one were to right click on the first photo… look at properties, Swamplot gives away the location with the picture file name…

  • Doug: Isn’t scrolling to the bottom of the story even easier?

  • Brookesmith is Brookesmith (there’s even a big sign on Calvacade to tell you’re there!), unless you are a realtor, in which case it magically becomes the Heights!

    If it gentrifies enough, of course, the Heights will become Brookesmith West.

  • I would have guessed the Old Sixth Ward. Was thinking it might have been that LEED house you had mentioned on here before, all finished up. I did know it was a pre WWII “bungalow” though…

  • Yea – it was obvious it wasn’t a townhouse, the rooms were tiny tiny tiny – i figured it was a smalllll old house in the 4th ward or somewhere like that. I’m SO smaart!!! not.

  • But this was a good one – you should have done it! I’m scared to read where this week’s was to see how off I was. I love this game!!!!!