The New Audi-Sized Hole Drilled into PJ’s Sports Bar on W. Gray Last Night

A car gunning for PJ’s Sports Bar on the corner of W. Gray and Stanford St. ended up inside the bar’s front patio last night. Nobody was seriously injured after a traffic mix-up between a Ford and the Audi pictured above sent the sports car sailing into the sports bar at around 11 PM last night. PJ’s was closed at the time.

The Ford came to a stop upside down, in between 614 W. Gray and its neighbor — Cecil’s Pub:


A closer view of the damage beyond the yellow tape in front of the scene:

Photos: Swamplot inbox

A Front Porch Welcome

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  • Was there any alcohol involved?

  • Point of order: the Audi is not a “sports car”. It appears to be a regular A4.

  • @HEBisbetterthanKroger: And/or testosterone?

  • @Heightsresident: OK, you try rhyming “luxury sedan” with anything else in this story.

  • @Heightsresident – it was an Audi S4, per the the front bumper found in the debris.

  • Was there any alcohol involved?! Homeboy got back into his car and managed to drive away. Fortunately for law abiding citizens, he forgot his front bumper and license plate. Also, the bar closed early Sunday as there was no football game. Otherwise that specific table would have been packed with regulars.

  • @D713 – I know it’s fun to hate on luxury car drivers, but “Homeboy” (the Audi driver) was T-boned by the Ford and ended up in the hospital. So let’s not get too carried away, eh?

  • People has allows driven way to fast on west gray. My car was totaled while parked on the street and a friend was killed crossing the street to go home.
    Speed has always been a problem on what stretch of road. I’m so glad no one was seriously injured or killed.

  • Love the “he forgot his bumper” story, but it’s not true. I was driving my S4 eastbound Gray, and the Ford apparently ran the stop sign at Stanford northbound and knocked me across the road and into PJs. My car was smashed on both ends and definitely could not be driven. Maybe the cops towed it promptly – I was busy bleeding on the lawn and talking to witnesses as I waited on an ambulance. Two nights in the hospital, but I’ll be fine. Sincerely, Homeboy.

  • Does this mean they are closing the drive-through window at PJs?

  • D713 – you sure are quiet after making your erroneous statement. Care to offer an apology for being the real ‘homeboy’ here? Or you just going to keep you foot in your mouth and stay in the corner?

  • Whatever karma compelled the rearrangement of the furniture- I’d have both eyes scanning the horizon before the next swig.Overheard in late January ,one female regular admitted /boasting that the Audi driver was not at fault ,but too damn bad,Because she’s ,the regular patron,personally been left high and dry on a legal technicality and was screwed in a similar way .Read as :that’s the way of the world.So then PJ’s the question awaits an answer… is the new deck really worth insurance fraud ?