The New Craft Brewery Coming to Cottage Grove

Startup Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co. will be located much closer to I-10 than to its namesake waterway, but founder Rassul Zarinfar says that’s by design. A Swamplot commenter dug up the address yesterday: The company has leased a 7,800 sq. ft. warehouse at 5301 Nolda St., at the corner of Detering, in Cottage Grove.

Zarinfar tells Swamplot he was happy to find a location that wasn’t “on the outskirts of town in a super-corporate industrial project.” The company plans to hand-deliver all the kegs it brews themselves, so highway access mattered. Having a location people could easily walk or bike to was also important to him. “Plus,” Zarinfar adds, “we wanted a warehouse that didn’t feel too much like a warehouse, but instead more like an art studio (since beer is art!).”


What kept the company from revealing the exact location until the commenter’s scoop? “The whole permitting process for building a brewery at the city, county, state and federal levels is so convoluted that announcing our location still feels like counting our chickens before they hatch. We’re not trying to be secretive with it, really just nervous about all the layers of regulators saying no.”

Buffalo Bayou Brewing plans to pour around $400,000 into building out its first home in the former food warehouse (before that, it was some sort of metal fabrication facility, according to Zarinfar). Because the company plans to create beers in small batches, the brewing system it’s starting out with will be very small. Zarinfar doesn’t expect to make too many changes to the exterior of the building. But he’s hoping the facility will be ready to operate by the end of the year.

In advance of brewery tours, there’s this broker video of the vacant building — Zarinfar promises he didn’t pick the music:

Photo: HAR/Commercial Gateway. Video: Next Listing

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  • I know he has a Harvard business degree and all, but what if his beer sucks? Are craft beer consumers so desperate for product that lierally anything put on the market will sell?

    If making beer truly is an “art”, then I hope he’s been practicing in his garage for a while.

  • I am very excited. A new brewery is a risk. I am sure his garage work was a success. Nonetheless it will still be better than Miller or Bud’s rice-water.

    Great to see this brewery and the Dog Fish guy who is opening a brewery in St Arnold’s old place to add to the three awesome existing local ones (St Arnold, Southern Star & No Label). But the best thing about this one is that I can bike to this one in under 10 minutes :)

  • Don’t be such a Debbie Downer. I don’t know what you’re worried about. Just be optimistic that the beer will be good and the business prospers. Because Houston could use more craft beer as the huge market for St Arnolds and excellent reception to Southern Star has indicated.

    And if the beer sucks, then just like any typical restaurant with crappy food or store with crappy service or products, the business will likely fail.

  • I have tried his beer. It does not suck. It is pretty damn tasty. Rassul is a craftsman. Houston will be very proud to call this a hometown brew.

  • The guys know what they’re doing with the brewing.

  • Has everyone forgotten the fallout from the oversold beer fiasco a few weeks ago? There is no shortage of beer drinkers in this town, and even if this newcomer’s brew is less than fabulous to some, it will surely be supported by others.

  • lol @ “what if the beer sucks” …sooooo if it does, don’t drink it. Easy. But how sad to live a life where an announcement of MORE BEER makes you grumpy. Ironically, it sounds like what you need is…MORE BEER.

    Me, I hear “more beer is coming to Houston” and I say, “sweet, more beer!” And as the important people well know, I have volunteered to take one for the team and taste test. ;)

  • @irfan, we’ll have a huge bike rack waiting for you! Bike don’t drive, way safer.

    @biggerintexas, too true. Hopefully you’re right!

    Hmmm… Matt, sounds like a good old fashioned challenge. You should come over for a beer and let everyone know what you think! The sad fact is that a lot of people will think our beer sucks. After all, 90% of the country drinks light beer & Corona and complains that IPAs are too bitter and Stouts are too sweet. But our mission is to brew the highest quality, most innovative beer we can and if we fail trying then at least we didn’t shy from the challenge. Show me a skier who hasn’t broken a leg and I’ll show you a coward who didn’t challenge himself with the hardest slopes. So yeah, some of our beer will miss the mark. Hopefully people won’t make fun of us for trying.

  • Very excited about new breweries opening around town. There’s also Freetail’s brewpub coming to town and Leprechaun’s cider too.

    Now if they were hiring I’d be even more excited.

  • Also excited to have more craft/micro/small breweries in the area. The number of people who appreciate something darker than light yellow beer will only continue to grow.

    Now, if they were hiring chemical engineers at rates that compete with the energy sector, I’d be even more excited.

  • Welcome to the neighborhood Rassul! I can’t wait to bike over and try out your brews.

    By my count, greater Houston has six new breweries in various stages of development (No Label, Karbach, Kreuz, Heady and Down Easy), not counting the planned Freetail brewpub. I’m not convinced that there are enough discerning beer drinkers in Houston to support all of them over the long term, but hopefully the best (in terms of beer quality) three or four will survive and prosper. I’ll definitely do my share to keep the good ones in business.

  • @Wes The trick is to convince hipsters to frequent these places because the mainstream doesn’t.

  • When is the state legislature going to stop hamstringing craft brewers…the coolest part about going to other states (Colorado and California come to mind), is being able to go to the brewpubs in the local craft brew shops. One of the ones I went to said a full third of their revenue came from in house sales. Just stinks….I’m sure the powerful distributor’s lobby will keep the three tier system in place…but hopefully these guys will be able to sell a small amount for on site consumption.

    Best of luck to you guys!


  • I can’t wait to add another Houston brewery to the list :D. Congratulations and good….skill!

  • I’m more than willing to go through a barrage of taste tests if you need input from the local beer drinking community.

  • Welcome to Houston! Lots of luck guys

  • JohnnyBoi:
    “When is the state legislature going to stop hamstringing craft brewers”

    Well all the Republicans in the TX govt. are against big intrusive govt. So it should be any day now.


  • I wish all the guys involved in the new brew hause the best of luck. I am waiting to taste all of your product. Your idea is on board with the area and will be a success.

  • Give St Arnold a run for money.

  • Unless they moved, Karbach is NEAR the old Saint Arnold location, not in it. But good luck and good beer to all!