The New DiverseWorks Cafeteria Plan

How long does DiverseWorks plan to stay in the new Midtown location it announced yesterday? A press release put out by the 30-year-old performing and visual arts organization doesn’t say, but DiverseWorks had been listed prominently as one of several groups meant to anchor the proposed Independent Arts Collaborative building planned for a now-vacant block at 3400 Main St. The new DiverseWorks spot in a 5,500-sq.-ft. portion of the former Cleburne Cafeteria building at the corner of Fannin and Cleburne is just 7 blocks south. It’ll open September 7th. With its move out of the warehouse district slot north of Downtown at 1117 East Fwy. it’s occupied for 20 years, the DiverseWorks Artspace will lose its built-in theater as well as its large parking lot and covered dock. It’ll gain a perch closer to the Museum District — and an address first-time visitors will be able to find. (4102 Fannin St.)

Photos: and Cleburne Cafeteria

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  • Wasn’t this a Frat House at one time, or was that one block towards downtown?

  • They just painted this building white with black trimming and have been slowly adding big letters onto the side. I think it says “ART” on the side facing Fannin and “SHOP” or “SHOPS” on the side facing Cleburne. I wonder if they’ll keep the random climbing wall (as my friends refer to it).

  • Cool, I love this building, glad its not being torn down. It will be good to finally start revitalizing that area. I dont understand why that part of mid town is such a ghetto craphole. I would have thought the light rail would have really spurred development in the area but nothing at all has gone up along the light rail line since its been built. Doesnt make any sense.

  • I doubt that this will help revitalize that area at all. That entire block needs to be leveled and redeveloped that would start some revitalization in the area. I believe I had heard that Randall Davis purchased property on that block not to long ago.

  • I’m sorry to see that one of the few remaining examples of Storybook-style architecture left in Houston has been “modernized” by a coat of bright white paint.

    Tacky! Tacky! Tacky!

  • That really is a nice addition to that area… You can spot if from 59.