The New Farmers Market in Spring Branch

It’s a Wednesday, about 3 o’clock, which means it’s time for Houston’s newest — and probably smallest — “farmer’s” market, in a corner of the parking lot at the School of the Woods Montessori school, 1321 Wirt Rd. at Westview, in Hilshire Village. It’ll last until 6. Yelper Aeryk P. says the market started out pretty small a few weeks ago. He found:

Village Botanica’s produce and meat, Quick-n-ezee’s Indian food, Shirley Ann’s pies and [quiche], Barky Dogz natural dog treats, Katz’s Coffee, Trentino’s Gelato and CareKindly’s environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Photo: School of the Woods

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  • Not to be picky, but I prefer farmer markets that are early in the morning (especially in the summertime!).

  • Unless they are only trying to “capture” a small group of customers, this is a very wrong time for a farmers market – Saturday mornings or Sunday afternoons work much better.

  • I would imagine the timing is geared entirely towards capturing the School of the Woods parents. Their standard school day ends at 3:15. I don’t know exactly what their enrollment is there but it’s got to be several hundred which means several hundred parents with generally above average incomes will be coming through that lot each market. Seems like quite a good business plan to me.