The New Microsoft Store About To Open in The Woodlands Mall Will Close Soon

THE NEW MICROSOFT STORE ABOUT TO OPEN IN THE WOODLANDS MALL WILL CLOSE SOON Surprise! Microsoft will be opening a new store in The Woodlands Mall this fall “to meet expected demand for new Microsoft-enabled devices.” Meaning: the new Surface tablet computer and the tile-happy Windows 8 operating system. But don’t expect the store to stick around long after customers figure out the new interfaces — or give up on them for something more familiar. The Woodlands location will be one of 32 “pop up” stores around the country being thrown up for the selling season, which will more than double the software company’s retail presence for its big rollout. A schedule for the stores’ openings and closings wasn’t included in the company’s announcement. [Woodlands Online] Photo: Desman Associates

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  • The stores are temporary and if demand holds, they would consider building something more permanent.

    The link below is to a blog that covers everything Microsoft.

    P.S. Been using the release preview of Windows 8 and been loving!!!

  • Dear Micro$oft how I hate you.. 10+ years since your last relevant software, 8 if you include Server 2003. Win7 isn’t awful, but could care less about 8 UI by fischer price?

  • I see Microsoft has gone in the direction of the temporary Halloween costume, Christmas decoration, and calendar stores. I wonder if these “pop up” stores will be reusing old store fixtures. Lol

  • 1.)Microsoft “does not equal” hipster/cool.

    2.)Seek coolness in making pointless insult.

    3.)Post that remark so people will think you are cool.

    So sad.


  • Not any less cool than say being over anal(ytical).

  • Note to self. Must remind planet that they all apparently working with irrelevant software every day … oh yeah, apart from graphic designers and djs of course.

  • Eh my beef with M$ is sloppiness, gaping security issues, there is absolutely no reason office should eat up 2 gb or more of your HD. It’s the patch it methodology, patch over patch over patch, eventually you just have to throw out the garment/pair of jeans and start fresh with some decent coding to begin with. Compared to other developers M$ is just plain messy and unkempt, and guess who gets to beta test their slop, you do. I code as close to the metal as I can, eschewing middleware, and other niceties for code that is clean, works, and is solid.

  • Wow Corey, I bet your programs written in assembly are just awesome! If you judge code based on megabytes I feel sorry for you. If you brought up task manager while running office I doubt it would take 2GB of ram, you know because you don’t put all of the resources and tools of an entire office suite into one executable.

    You should ask apple why Pages is 350megs.

  • The MS store in the Galleria is quite an impressive copy of Apple’s concept…well, except for the crowds, of course.

  • MS = blue screen of death

    What turned me off to MS was mostly home use, AAPL is so much better when kids are involved, yeah I know that’s not cool or hip.

  • That picture of The Woodlands Mall is over a decade old! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a shot with an open street that close to the Food Court/Carousel area. That’s now a closed off pedestrian area with Urban and Barnes and Noble anchors. So strange.