The New Montrose Bar Sporting Houston Sports Wallpaper

THE NEW MONTROSE BAR SPORTING HOUSTON SPORTS WALLPAPER Looks like the name of the bar and restaurant that will be taking over the old Sophia and Café Artiste spot in Montrose just around the corner from the Menil Collection will be Lowbrow — and not, as the TABC sign that was hung in the window in April suggested, Faustian Bargain. Developed by Omar Afra, who heads up Fitzgerald’s and the Free Press Summer Fest, Lowbrow will be stocked with local craft beers and local insignia too, reports Culturemap: “[Artists] Blake Jones and Dual have partnered to create a wallpaper that incorporates iconic Houston images such as the Astrodome and the Houston Oilers derrick logo.” [Culturemap; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Allyn West

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  • I hope its more of a neighborhood restaurant than free fest sports bar. They could take advantage of some hungry Menil employees and visitors. Thats what it should be. There are enough sports bars on Richmond.

  • It doesn’t sound like it’s gonna be a sports bar at all but rather an earthy, hippish place to burp and get a buzz.

  • Speaking of “Houston local insignia”: Will it hold a good selection of books in a shelf free to read?

  • It doesn’t sound like it is going to be a sports bar because at no point does the article suggest it is going to be a sports bar.