The New Old Color They’ll Be Painting the Upper Sides of the Astrodome Soon

Paint Samples, Astrodome, Houston

What’s next in Astrodome beauty treatments after the unused county stadium’s powerwashing late last year? How about a little color magic? As noted by the KHOU chopper sent out to record the incident earlier this week (which produced the image above), test paint patches recently appeared at the top of the vacant structure’s walls. In concert with the removal of the eighties-add-on stair towers and the latest grime-spray efforts, the painting of a dark bluish-black color on the upper sections of wall just below the roof would help return the stadium exterior to something closer to its original 1965 appearance.


Paint Samples, Astrodome, Houston

A dark section below the roof would help the concrete grate in front of the wall surrounding the building and the roof to be perceived as separate structures from far away.

Photos: KHOU (top); Mike Acosta (bottom)


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  • For the love of all things holy! LET. IT. GO!

  • Has anyone driven by and seen it post-power washing? I’m wondering how it looks now in person, since it can be hard to tell from photos.

    Looking for a thoughtful reply, i.e. not from somebody who lives in fear of historic buildings, Houston turning into California, etc.

  • Why is money still being wasted on this relic? Interesting how the ONE building that Houston refuses to bulldoze is a creaking sports arena.

    If we want to remember the ‘Dome, we can always watch “Brewster McCloud” or “Bad News Bears in Breaking Training” to remember the stadium in its heyday.

  • Why are we painting this? @Mike: I don’t drive by it enough to help answer your question…

  • Tear it down.

  • I remember growing up thinking it was normal to watch baseball in a cavernous facility using binoculars to see the action. Thank goodness for minute maid park.

  • I’ve been out there all week in prep for HLSR. The wash helped remove some of the unsightly grime from the facade and helped it blend in with the rest of the property (as much as that is possible). However, it appears that blending is not the goal and now it will be even more noticeable.