The New Railside Hawaiian Coffee Shop Coming to Southmore at San Jacinto

Passenger-window-side pix sent in by a reader show the current state of Java Lava, the new coffee house under construction at 1201 Southmore Blvd. The entrance walkway shown in the photo (and in the rendering above from the building’s architects, Albany Studio), leads from Southmore. Some outdoor seating for the coffee house will back up to San Jacinto St., just behind a fence from the tracks for the northbound trains on the Red Line. The overall configuration of the corner site is better shown in an earlier rendering (below) posted on the architects’ website, though it’s missing the building’s relocated Southmore entrance:


The parking lot is on the east side of the building, accessed from Southmore.

Java Lava will be a Museum Park outlet for the KarmaSu Coffee brand, previously sold at the Meyerland Farmers Market.

Images: Swamplot inbox (photos); Albany Studio (renderings)

Java Lava

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  • Actually not a bad location with the Asia Center and newly built high-end apartments and condos nearby. too bad the closest light rail station is so far away …

  • 1,000 Feet is too far???!

  • @Mr. Bob For most people in Houston, yes, it is at the limit of what most people will commonly walk… however I was inferring not the walking distance but the distance one would recall/decide to walk the 4 blocks. If it can hold out till the empty sites in the area are developed it should do very well as a local hangout.

  • Strategically located to attract the attention of residents at The Southmore and Venue Museum District, nearby businesses including Asia Society, and the west part of the neighborhood. I think you’ll get some residual traffic from the other museums, but agree with WR that it’ll be a local hangout vs. a destination until the area gets built out. There’s still a ton of empty blocks around it.
    What’s the latest with Mike Mann’s development? The latest reporting on Swamplot is from 2016 referencing this article: Can’t recall if they got approval to shut down the street or if it’s all on hold due to the neighborhood stalling out in recent times.

  • There are also FOUR new coffeeshops/cafes planned for the new Glassell School and MFAH buildings …. why walk 4 blocks when you can go next door?

  • WR: are you one of those folks who drives to their mailbox to get the mail? #ItsTimeToStartWalking