The Next Food Hall Coming to Downtown Houston Will Be a Storeful of Open Kitchens

If you’re just coming up to speed on the whole food hall thing, remember this: It’s not a food court, it’s a food hall. And in the case of Bravery Chef Hall, planned for a 9,000-sq.-ft. space in the ground floor of the Aris Market Square tower Hines is completing at the corner of Preston and Travis Downtown, it’s not just a food hall but “the world’s first chef hall.” Or, as the founders explain, “a curated food hall where all vendors are operated and owned by chefs, employing only cooks, and where a large percentage of the seats are chef counter seating.” So maybe think of it as a huddle of 5 independently operated chef’s tables, each surrounding an open kitchen, in one streetfront retail space. (Plus additional adjacent seating — and outside, a patio garden and sidewalk café dining space totaling 3,000 sq. ft.)

How real is this thing? Well, it’s coming from the team behind the Conservatory, Downtown’s only other currently operating food hall (as well as Prohibition Supperclub and its accompanying Oyster Bar) — and yesterday the Downtown Management District approved a $140,000 “catalytic retail grant” towards the estimated $1.8 million buildout.

Here’s a peek at the construction currently going on in the space:


And another rendering:

Images: Bravery Chef Hall


Bravery Chef Hall

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  • so like an overpriced food truck court in the middle of downtown?

  • Finally adding street level retail/restaurants to drive foot traffic. These are the types of amenities we need ground floor in downtown. A much improved amenity as opposed to the neighboring Market Square Tower, with no street level retail.

  • According to their website, this provides “the solution to the chef driven restaurant problem.” That’s downtown Houston’s problem? How about a bodega, where a resident can get a roll of paper towels within a few blocks walk and not have to get in their car? We’ve got the world’s first chef hall and no place to buy an onion. Awesome.