The Next Group Photo Feature Assignment: The Corner of Bellaire and Bissonnet

Thanksgiving means you get an extra week to take photos for Swamplot’s next group photo feature. It’ll run on Friday, December 4th. Which means the deadline for getting your photos in will be 2 Thursdays from now: December 3rd at midnight.

What are we looking for? Your photos — of anything you like — snapped within 500 ft. of the intersection of Bellaire Blvd. and Bissonnet St. It doesn’t matter what kind of camera (or cameraphone) you use — just get out behind your lens and have some fun with it!

Upload your pix to the Swamplot Flickr pool when you’re done. Tag each photo with the phrase “Bellaire & Bissonnet” (you’ll need to use those quotation marks), and make sure you’ve got the galleries feature enabled on your Flickr account. We’ll feature the photos that together paint the strongest picture of the area, and we’ll include a slideshow of every image that’s submitted. What’s that little corner of Houston er, Bellaire really like?

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