The Next Heights Destination for Dining, Exercise, and Medical Emergencies Will Be on Shepherd off 14th St.

Renderings that Houston developer Sluco Realty has released of the new double-decker retail building it’s planning on Shepherd show 2 sides to what it hopes will eventually fill the structure: to the north (above) your typical ground-floor restaurant setup, and to the south (top), something a little more potentially lifesaving. For privacy’s sake, the planned urgent care clinic forgoes the windows that open up the rest of building, dubbed Heights Forum. But the all-caps signage perched atop the awning shown at top should make clear what’s going on inside.

Additional therapeutic offerings like a dance studio and martial arts dojo appear to be planned upstairs. To get there, take the highlighter-green staircase at the front of the building or the side stairwell shown below behind the restaurant:


Back beyond what’s shown in the rendering, a northeastern portion of the parking lot including about 2 dozen extra spaces will drop back to an entrance on Dorothy St.:

That planned back portion of the parking lot is currently home to a metal-sided warehouse building. It sits in the middle of a row of townhomes (indicated by the skinny rectangles at the bottom of the site plan above).

The only other thing standing in the way of the development is this long-vacant commercial building at 1336 N. Shepherd Dr.:

Behind those bushes on the right, a covered back patio extends east.

Renderings and site plan: Sluco Realty. Photo: LoopNet

Heights Forum

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  • Well, the emergency room will come in handy for the lady pictured on the rending, who is stepping off the restaurant while watching her phone, and about to be hit by the 75 mile per hour average speed of cars driving up Shepherd.

  • The better of stripmalls thank god, also is it by rail or a stop?

  • Those store front ERs should be required to list what insurance they take.

  • It will be so relaxing to enjoy a leisurely meal while wailing ambulance sirens intermittently serenade the block.

  • @TimP for what it’s worth, freestanding emergency room’s generally don’t take/get ambulance traffic

  • @Rafa, not for long….. That’s getting turned into three lanes down from 4 soon….

  • @Toby, are you sure about that, and what’s your source please. Traffic on Shepherd is already terrible. No need to make it worse with one less lane.