The One Small-Town Stop on the Houston-Dallas Bullet Train; Bat Catchers Called in to Alvin Walmart; Studying Galveston Seaweed Cycles

Photo of Project Row Houses, Holman St., 3rd Ward: Swamplot inbox


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  • Re: Drug bust. This is what happens when conservative Christians outlaw marijuana. Does the Lord really talk about weed? Some reason I don’t think God focuses that much on weed. How about the fatal DUI wrecks every weekend? Jesus wants death to happen? Jesus likes when a mother of 3 is killed in a DUI wreck?

    Ban alcohol or make weed legal. Damn politics. It doesn’t make sense!

  • @HEBisbetterthanKroger, don’t worry the tide has turned and became a tsunami all over the country, Colorado, California etc, even Louisiana is thinking of legalization. The Christian principles of hypocrisy and living in fear are well on their way out, they have been losing in court of public opinion and the Supreme Court for decades.

  • @HEBisbetterthanKroger there is no Phillip Morris or Anheuser-Busch for weed. Plus booze and tobacco were commercialized in Europe, while weed was viewed as ‘exotic’ from brown places. Explains most of our current policy